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the letter I'll bet it's happened to you more than once: you go to your favorite search engine looking for information on greeting cards and all you get are pages whose only purpose is to sell you something. (Yes, you can buy things on this site, but that's not this site's main purpose and the free information is the main feature.) Another likely undesirable scenario is finding a lot of so-called "scraper" sites. Those are the websites that take random bits and pieces of content from other websites; their sole purpose is to display ads. How helpful is that? AARRRRGH!

It's time to tow the junk off the Information Superhighway...

Welcome to Greeting Cards Resource. It is my intention to bring you useful information on all things related to greeting cards. Here you will find an ever-growing supply of free, step-by-step unique greeting card projects or learn how to become a freelance writer for greeting cards. I also have useful resources such as an extensive list of famous (and not so famous) quotations and a list of all kinds of special days throughout the year (did you know May 15 is Hug Your Cat Day?).

Greeting Cards Resource is an active site - being added to and updated continually. If you can't find your answer here, click on "Contact Me" and ask your question. If you know of a way to make this site more useful, I'd appreciate your suggestions.

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